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Child Education! The light at the end of the tunnel for Orphans

As recognized in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Committee on the Rights of the Child 1989) – Education is a basic human right for all children. It is believed that a child who has access to quality education has a better chance in life. A child who obtains basic knowledge of how to read, write, and do arithmetic secures a solid foundation for continued learning lifelong.

Education is equally essential to a child’s social integration and well-being. For orphans and vulnerable children, in particular, going to school daily assists them to recover from the psychosocial impacts of their traumatic experiences thereby regaining a sense of normalcy in their lives. Realistically speaking, for most orphans, education remains a far-fetched dream when they don’t even have access to either a glass full of clean water or a plate full of nutritious food. 


Poverty & Education

Research states that education benefits a whole nation as it is a major contributor to the reduction of poverty and a vital instrument for social & economic development. Quality education increases labour productivity, improves health and enables an orphaned child to participate fully in the economy in its growth & development.

Children are impacted most by poverty, frequently abandoning their dreams to get educated, and instead, staying at home and helping their families make ends meet. The inability to gain an education and better their circumstances guarantees that they will repeat the cycle of poverty that engulfed their family.

It’s time for us to join hands and work towards the main goal to see generational cycles of poverty break and get replaced with new hope, opportunity, and life.

With your support, we at offer access to quality education to orphaned & vulnerable children in need who would otherwise be unable to attend school.


HIV & Education

Even in communities worst affected by HIV, the overwhelming majority of school-aged orphaned children are uninfected by the virus, lifting the veil off of an unhidden opportunity to prioritize the need for easy access to quality education.

It is believed that with increased knowledge & awareness, these children would delay their first sexual encounter, have fewer partners, and use contraception more often, thereby reducing the risk of getting themselves infected with the virus.

Access to quality education could turn out to be an empowering tool for an orphan, and they may have a chance at a better & brighter future. However, there’s no “one solution fits all” formula; every child is different, beautiful and precious in their own way after all, and each learns differently, what really matters is that they have the rightful access to quality education for them to reach their full potential.

If you’re still not sure how to support an orphan — we might be able to help!

At, we’re all about improving the lives of orphaned children. Our work involves everything from providing clean water to healthcare, shelter, and education. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about our work involving orphans.

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