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Exploitation Of Orphans Through Child Labor

Children who lose their parents/caregivers or are abandoned are most likely to become victims of child labor. The work that snatches away the joys and innocence of childhood, forcing a child (typically aged 5-17) to work is referred to as child labor. To put food on their family’s table many have to sacrifice their education, and undertake additional income-generating chores.

The concept of child labor exploitation means demanding the children to work excessively at the expense of their health, safety, and moral development. A few common factors that force young children to work are either losing a source of income, significant medical costs, paying off debts or the need to take care of an immensely sick family member where these children don’t have a choice but to work. 

They are denied basic education, health, proper nutrition, and security. Denial of such necessities sets an unstable foundation for their future. With the lack of knowledge on how to protect themselves and the absence of a guardian, they get exploited and are most likely to suffer from physical & mental health problems.

Children living on the streets, in child-only households without any adult supervision are commonly unable to attend school, they feel lonely & isolated, and they work because they have nothing better to do and it is quite natural these children would end up involving themselves in work even if the environment is hazardous. 

It is estimated that over 80 million children are toiling in fields, factories, shops, and elsewhere to earn money instead of going to school.

It is imperative that children outside of adult care are immediately protected and the onus falls upon adults and organisations like us to offer them all the support and protection we can. The struggle to end child labor is necessary and we must for it, however, getting there can often require taking different routes than the one our heart desires.


1. AWARENESS – Help us fight amodern slavery!

Child labor gets a resounding yes when businesses openly use it in industries like, retail, hospitality, and menial work. We are dedicated to sensitizing trade organizations to end this social evil and educate the communities about reporting instances of child labor at businesses and homes alike. Creating societal awareness can prevent the situations wherein these children are deprived of education and are pushed to undertake income-generating activities or menial jobs.

We use community events, sports, arts, and theater to educate communities about the importance of educating a child and discouraging child labor. We also try to offer orphaned or abandoned children the resources that help them open a lot of doors filled with opportunities.


2. EDUCATION – Send more children to school!

Education has been recognized as a key factor in preventing child labor exploitation. We believe that children who are offered education not only have a lesser chance of suffering labor exploitation but also have a greater chance of escaping it.

Executing several initiatives to boost a child’s enrolment in a school can bring an impactful change. Our sole aim is to map children who are living on the streets, already dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out, and ensure that they enter the fold of education. 

We also work in collaboration with various individuals, volunteers, and entities that help in creating an “Inclusive Learner Friendly Environment” for these children. Through our work in the community, we seek to help children escape from a cycle of exploitation through further education, vocational training, and reveal paths towards the fulfilment of emotional needs.


3. CARE – Support and long-term stability! 

We have seen so many children who have never even known a flush toilet, washed their hands before or after eating a meal, gone to bed with a full stomach, and slept in warm beds. We offer the required assistance and care to these children while also promoting long-term societal change through providing them with easy access to learn life skills, and grow in a progressive environment that would help them say one day that “I am worthy of all the love.”

Our main focus is on giving a new life to millions of children affected by child labor exploitation.


4. JOBS – To ultimately make a difference in the world!

To curb the demeaning and evil practice of child labor and save the lives of these orphan children, we all need to come together. Fighting child labor requires a multifaceted approach, and, therefore, we are working for the cause and creating an action plan once and for all that includes creating job opportunities for them. 

We all hope to listen to various individual success stories of these children because they would know at the end about what’s important – living with strength and dignity.

We at “I Care For U” collaborate with various individuals or groups to provide these children with basic amenities like food, education, healthcare, employment, and shelter.

Let’s not neglect the fact that children are our country’s future.
Join hands with us!

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