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Importance Of Health Insurance For Orphaned Children

Medical emergencies can come at any time and in any place, regardless of age and situation. Orphaned children who have either lost a parent/s or a caregiver struggle every day mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

These children should have a healthcare coverage plan of their own even if they are living in orphanages. An effective health insurance plan ensures comprehensive protection & care and financial coverage if they fall sick or get injured. Orphans who have no one to take care of, need extra medical attention for a variety of reasons, that  are:

  • Weaker immune system: We all know that children’s immune system is undeveloped in comparison to adults, limiting their natural ability to fight infections. Children, especially under the age of five have significantly higher developmental delays and are vulnerable to illnesses as their immune systems aren’t fully developed hence, they require more hospital visits. 
  • Slower reflexes: In general children have slower reflexes in comparison to adults. Orphaned children are more prone to mishaps as they are unable to react quickly when something unexpected comes their way because of the trauma they have been through of losing a parent or a caregiver. A child’s reflexes to external actions grow over time and with consistent care. 
  • More susceptible to health problems: Usually growing children are more fragile & sensitive and their power of fighting diseases & illnesses is lesser than that of adults. That’s why they are more prone to diseases. In the case of orphaned children where they are at a higher risk of mental and health problems, even minor injuries or health issues can lead to major ailments if not given proper treatment. With a proper health insurance plan for orphaned children, such expenses can be easily dealt with. 
  • Quality health care: Orphans need proper care and facilities to stay healthy. A proper health insurance plan would ensure they receive high-quality free or low-cost healthcare coverage. 
  • Dental coverage: Children are prone to injuring themselves when playing outside or indoors or even when riding bicycles, which could result in a severe dental injury. Many health insurance coverages offer dental care on an outpatient basis. A proper health insurance plan would take care of the expenses in case an orphan requires in-patient hospitalization for tooth repair or replacement as a result of an accident. 
  • Overall growth and development: You can keep track of an orphan’s overall growth and development if there is a proper healthcare coverage plan in place. Regular check-ups for children can aid in the early detection of illnesses that can be treated effectively. This can assist them in becoming stronger, and less prone to illness, thereby becoming overall healthy. 

ICareForU has stepped up to assist children who have lost or been abandoned by their parents or caregivers. We make sure these children get basic necessities such as food, education, healthcare, jobs, and shelter by cooperating with diverse individuals and organizations. 

As a part of our Raise the Children campaign, we provide support to the Galaxie Foundation Orphanage in Kinshasa and the Hiari Orphanage in Tanzania by offering health insurance to orphans some of whom were born to HIV positive mothers.  A mere $25 covers a child  for over a year. With your help, we would like to continue providing this vital protection annually and furthermore extend this initiative so that it can reach other charities as well. As a society, we must come together to support orphaned children to defend their human rights and provide them with the love and care that they deserve.

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