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Helping Orphans Cope with Changes Resulting from Covid

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has affected the health, social and material well-being of children all over the world. Having no place to go to and without the resources to take care of themselves, they are exposed to anxiety, stress and various other health issues. In the absence of proper housing and a lack of other necessary services, children are at risk of physical and psychological harm. No access to good food & nutrition and a lack of provision of resources for education will make these children exposed to additional stress.

The intensity of health, shelter, and family-income issues is more profound for underprivileged children. Only by working together, we can help them blossom. Therefore, acknowledging the loss these children have faced must be one of our priorities and necessary measures need to be taken.

  • Ensure children’s emotional well-being!

Children tend to have varied reactions to stressful situations. Some of them may become irritable and want to be left alone, and some may demand extra attention. It is in such situations that it becomes extremely significant to comprehend what they are undergoing. To assist them to overcome stress, we as adults can carry out our part by being empathetic & patient.

  • The Presence of a caring mentor is crucial!

To recover from a traumatic event, it is considered important to have the presence of a supportive adult in a child’s life. The pain of losing one’s parents is indescribable and can become unbearable. At iCareForU, we make sure these little ones get the care they deserve by providing them emotional support. Young volunteers are welcomed with open arms who are willing to shower them with love & affection.

  • Create a safe physical & emotional environment!

Children need to be reassured about their safety so that they don’t have to handle the burden of taking care of themselves alone. We ensure this by providing nutritious meals, clean clothing, routine health checkups, and other basic necessities. We also encourage them to get involved in various activities & sports for it is imperative to stay busy whilst overall growth & development is being taken care of.

  • Provide education!

The imposition of social distancing norms during the pandemic led to excessive usage of the online mode of learning. However, orphans don’t have easy access to the Internet. As a community, it is our responsibility to make the proper resources available so that these children can be taught. We at iCareForU provide a platform for teachers to work as volunteers to provide the children with quality education.

Effects of Covid-19 on Fundraising for Orphanages

When the spread of this virus was at its peak, it had a huge impact on orphanages due to the withdrawal of health workers and lack of finances. The children who are a part of orphanages were unable to fend for themselves. Due to the pandemic, the incomes of many people have significantly dropped leading to a fall in orphanage funding. Moreover, as a result of social distancing, it has become challenging to organize various fundraising activities like charity drives and marathons. 

No matter how big or small the donation is, donating funds and time can help people in need. Help us in changing the lives of these little ones by protecting their basic rights of receiving a quality education, clean water, healthcare, proper living conditions, and so much more.

Donate now and become a part of our organization in making their world a better place!

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